Controllers & Actuators

Controllers & Actuators

The stylish user interfaces are designed to provide adjustment of temperature, fan speed and other settings at the touch of a button when used with the controllers. The Display is available in white or brushed stainless steel as standard, however can be supplied in different high end finishes and colours to match customer requirements.

The standard display is perfect for office and residential environments. The card reader version is designed specifically for the hotel market and can be used in conjunction with the DND room access corridor plate. The card reader version includes features such as ‘make my room’ and ‘do not disturb’ which can be integrated into a hotel BMS system, via the associated controller.

The display can allow (through engineers pass code) access to amend the associated controllers pre-programmed settings and also has an on-board temperature sensor, removing the need to connect a remote sensor to the controllers.

The display is available with white plastic or brushed stainless steel surround as standard. We also offer several luxurious finishes with options to match the surround to any RAL colour to ensure the display matches your project colour scheme. See below swatches for example finishes we can offer.

Key Benefits:

  • Touch sensitive buttons.
  • Stylish aesthetics
  • Range of finishes available.
  • On board sensor
  • Bespoke features added on request.

How they work?

The controller provides flexible temperature control regimes including options for a system flush, frost protection and high/low-temperature control settings.

The controllers is designed to provide complete fan coil heating and cooling control in commercial applications.

Providing outputs for heating, cooling and fan control the controller 4 is provided with options for fabric protection, water flushing routines and master / slave setup as standard. Supplied as an application specific controller pre-set for the application, the controller can be used as a stand-alone controller or part of a 3rd party BACnet network

Incorporating native communications, the Controller can be used as part of a BMS network, as a standalone controller or as a master/slave group.

Key benefits of these Controllers:

  • 24V AC supply
  • Native BACnet communications
  • 0-10V or relay fan control
  • 0-10V or 24V heat/cool control
  • Flexible control options
  • Master/slave grouping
  • Built-in system flush regimes
  • Built-in frost protection & high/low limit control settings

Why they are better?
The Electronic Controller display unit offers a range of colours to suite room décor and with its simplified controls makes these controllers perfect for hotel or residential use.

Why clients should upgrade?
These FCU controls are versatile and can be programmed to suite any brand of HVAC system to give full control via a display unit or can be linked to the property’s existing Building Management System. With the simplistic look of the display they can be easily retro fitted to suite any project.