Restaurant - Heating & Cooling Services

Restaurant - Heating & Cooling Services

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Restaurant example


ECO G gas VRF is designed for buildings where the electricity is restricted or CO2 emissions must be reduced. Sanitary hot water is produced for free, all year round.

Electric VRF. ECOi & Mini ECOi.

ECOi electric VRF is specifically designed for the most demanding restaurants. High efficiency system. Extended operating range to provide heating at outdoor temperature as low as -25 ℃ (ECOi 2 PIPE). Suitable for refurbishment projects

3-Pipe control box kit.

Heat Recovery box to connect multiple indoor units with just one box, 4, 6 and up to 8 indoor units or groups This is good advantage in the restaurants, where space for connecting several boxes is limited.

Aquarea T-CAP.

Ideal for heating, cooling and for production of big quantities of hot water at 65 °C, Aquarea have a extremely quick return on investment and a low CO2 footprint.

Water Heat Exchanger for ECOi. Water at 55 °C.

Producing MT hot water, compatible with both ECOi, heat pump and heat recovery outdoors.

Air Handling Unit kits for efficient ventilation.

The AHU kit is specially designed to improve the efficiency of the pre-heating or pre-cooling process of the ventilation.

Adaptive ducted with nanoeX

Super silent units deliver the ideal air supply. Units available from 1,5 kW providing precise temperature control even in small rooms. 2 installation possibilities (horizontal / vertical) with high ESP 150 Pa allows flexible installation. nanoeX is built-in as standard.

Mini Cassette.

The Y3 type Mini Cassette unit has modern and stylish panel design which matches with any type of the building design.

Control your way.

Wide variety of controls, from simple user control to full system control via remote access functionality. Touch panel and consumption control.

Air Curtain with DX Coil.

The Panasonic range of air curtains is designed for smooth operation and efficient performance.

Protocol friendly.

Great flexibility for integration into your KNX / Modbus / LonWorks / BACnet projects allows fully bi-directional monitoring and control of all the functioning parameters. Range of solutions to control locally or remotely the full system in bi-directional mode.

Panasonic AC Smart Cloud / Service Cloud.

Take control of all your premises around the world from a single device. Centralise control of your business premises, from wherever you are, 24/7.


Condensing units with natural refrigerant

Panasonic CO2 unit is the natural choice for showcases and cold rooms in restaurants. Always fresh foods without any contamination risk. It’s a future-poof refrigeration technology.